The island of Antiparos may not be getting bigger but the Antiparos International Photo Festival continues to grow. In 2017, we had about 65 submissions by talented photographers from all over the world, out of whom we finally picked 16. When you add the exhibitions by the Paros Photo Club, the Facebook Antiparos Photo Gallery, and the Restoration Team of Despotiko, this meant that wall-space was at a premium. How could we possibly find room for 178 photographs?

It was all a far cry from our humble beginnings in 2013.

AIPF 2017 exceeded all expectations. We knew that the general standard of photography had moved up a notch but we did not expect the praise that we received. “Congratulations!” said one visitor. “The festival has finally become a professional event.”

It was not only more professional in terms of photography, but also in overall experience. The festival opened with a solo cello performance by Ilias Sakalak, and, thanks to our tie-in with Concerts and MORE, visitors could also enjoy a varied programme of classical music performed by the string quintet ARCO Continuo. Two unexpected extras were a retro mobile ice cream trolley and an impromptu performance by English folk duo Jesters.


ARCO Continuo

But, as always, the stars of the event were the photographers themselves. In 2017, we featured a huge diversity of styles ranging from the stunning confrontational work of Pol Kurucz and his Brazilian Kolor Collective to the stripped-back minimalism of Greek photographer Vassilis Gerontakos.

The photographers taking part in AIPF 2017 were:
Pol Kurucz (France)
Aleksandar Crnogorac (Serbia)
Alexei Siozov (Greece)
Arianne Clément (Canada)
Daniel Peña (Colombia)
Gina Maragkoudaki (Greece)
Gogo Ponirakou (Greece)
Ilias Sakalak (Greece)
Letícia Zica (Brazil)
Michail Moscholios (Greece)
Nikos Efstratiou (Greece)
Paros Photo Club (Greece)
Periklis Loukopoulos (Greece)
Sascha Richter (Germany)
Theodoros Papageorgiou (Greece)
Todd Rigos (Greece)
Vassilis Gerontakos (Greece)
The Facebook Antiparos Photo Gallery
The Restoration Team of Despotiko