Antiparos International Photo Festival 2016

Between 2015 and 2016 the festival went through considerable changes, and was still in transition when the fourth festival took place. In our search for funding, we decided to register as an official international non-profit organization under Greek law. Given the economic upheavals that Greece was going through, this was far from easy. However, despite all of the uncertainty, we went ahead.

The result was unexpectedly successful. Under our new name of the Antiparos International Photo Festival (AIFP), we attracted great photographers and considerable media attention - featured in the iconic British Journal of Photography, Vogue Italia and the Greek newspaper Kathimerini, among others.

The photographers exhibited in 2016 were:

  • Bernie Steinbach (A)
  • Daphne Kotsiani (GR)
  • Dino Makdridis (GR)
  • Henriette Framnes Time (N)
  • Leda de Piart (GR)
  • Leonidas Germanopolous (GR)
  • Letícia Zica (BRA)
  • Maria Kalogiorgi (GR)
  • Marilena Grispou (GR)
  • Olga Missirliadou (GR)
  • Sally Doganis (GB)
  • Travis Feurbacher (USA)
  • Vassilis Bontosoglou (GR)
  • Yiannis Loukis (GR)

In 2016, we had no guest of honour. Instead, the prime location of the Anti Art Gallery was shared between the members of the Antiparos Photo Gallery on Facebook and the Brazilian photographer - and hitherto undiscovered talent - Letícia Zica. Unfortunately, there were no workshops held in 2016.

But the work remained the same:


However, the results were stunning:








And there was music!