Photograph copyright Letícia Zica.


The fourth Antiparos International Photo Festival will start on 2 July and continue until 11 July 2016. And it promises to be better than ever before! Altogether, we will feature photographers from Greece, Austria, Brazil, Norway, Sweden, the USA and the UK. Their work will exhibited in the full splendour of our 15th century Venetian castle - the Kastro.

The following photographers will be exhibiting:

The fourth Antiparos International Photo Festival is scheduled for 2-11 July 2016

Antiparos is a small Greek island close to Paros in the Cyclades. Discovered by the artistic community in the 1960s, Antiparos now has a thriving tourist industry, but has essentially remained unspoilt. The Antiparos International Photo Festival is our way of giving something back to the island that we love, and also reinforcing its cultural identity. Antiparos is a small island, and the festival corresponds to that. Our overall vision is that the Antiparos International Photo Festival will gradually grow in stature and reputation over the years.